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Cap Kit lists for Mouser (updated 7/10/15) (now with pics!)

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Sarver Systems:
Thank you both for the info.

I will update the list ASAP.

Sarver Systems:
Ken: I'm still not getting any results on mouser searching for combination of 2NC1106A, 1NC1106A, 2SC1106A, or even 1106A. Could provide mouser part numbers, since you know those particular parts much better than I?

Ed12: How many of those caps would suggest adding to the list, based off the quantities of the other caps in the list?  4.7MFD @ 16V Tantalum. Is that a radial or axial package?

Ken Layton:
Type 2SC1106A has been obsolete for a long time. It is now very hard to find. It does cross to an NTE 94.

None of the major parts distributors carry the 2SC1106A any more.

Sarver Systems:
No matches for NTE 94 either. Ugh. This is proving to be pretty difficult!

there is 1 used per chassic
highly recmond u add solves alot of horz problems


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