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Golden Tee Complete CHD wanted

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welp u are in luck
can u burn an eprom ?
if so i will send u the egale 2.09 s/w thus allowing u to run larger harddrive's,

give me a day to zip.up the s/w for u,and i will up-load it to drop-box
what u will get is bit by bit s/w
this means u just burn it to a drive

also if u do not have the players card ?
and do not to wait the nag out any-longer ?
u can remove u32 it will be marked card-1,thus killing the call to the card reader

well u are under the hood of the unit replace the dallas chip u50,the reason is it is battery backup nvram and the battery goes south >10years's< the green board is well into 15years old,so as a matter of repair just do it..

next find a fan for the video card
they over-heat and cause alot of headaches when they crap out >and they do<.

u26 should be sb4
u53 carry's the canidian key code along with u61,u61 is a pic chip,u53 is an atmel
if u find a american s/w then u need u53 and u61..u61 is nla from its-gamming

on the harddrives i just to use any old 40gig..and egal rom where nessary

stay away from egal 2.04 or u had better have a phone line hooked up
as it is a crappy build

next make sure your power supply is bang snuff on,these board's are fussy about that


Wow looks like you're the right guy to be talking to. Thanks for all the info! Unfortunately I am not really following everything so I will try to start from the begining. Again forgive me, I am a bit of an idiot but catch on quickly.

- I have not burned an eeprom before. What do I need for this? I have some old satellite testing equipment that I used to flash atmel chips and such. 
- Thank you for helping me with the HD software. When I get it, do I use CHDMAN to write it to the drive?
- the machine has the players card mechanism, not sure if it is functional, but I do not have a players card.
- Replace the dallas chip u50. Sounds good, where do I get this? Is it specific to a GT machine or can I pick them up at a component store?
- I will find a fan, not sure how I would mount it, but I will see if I can figure something.
- u26 should be sb4. Not sure what this means.
- u53 carry's the canidian key code along with u61,u61 is a pic chip,u53 is an atmel
  if u find a american s/w then u need u53 and u61..u61 is nla from its-gamming. You lost me on this one too.
- I have a few spare drives but nothing smaller than 40 gigs so I assume I need an Eagle 2.09.
- I will verify what version for ROM I have when I get home
- Where do I measure on the board what the power supply is outputting? on my initial tests it just says "Voltage ok" on screen.

I have never seen this machine work, but the hard drive is definately shot, all other tests seem to pass ok.

Thanks again for everything!

UPDATE: After some more research, looks like burning my own eprom requires expensive equipment, i think that one is out.

ok point to point
the factory chip is a otp eprom = one time programble eprom .
u replace it with a m27c801 to load the egale s/w
with that in hand u will need an eprom writer and a fresh eprom >get 2 if u have never done it ?< and or do not have a eprom ersaer ?

second the dallas chip is of the shelve at mouser  or digikey

third the ref to the canadian key chip's is extremley important..
u53 and u61...

fourth i just take out card 1 chip >it is clearly marked< where i said it is

5th u see the to point's on the green board
j50 and j5 ?,they must be feed +5/gnd/+12 vdc,same as the hard-drive

your test point's are right there +5=red wire +12=yellow wire
with respect to the black wire
if u get lower then +5v then u need to adjust the power supply until u do

the thing i do not get is u stated it passed all test's but will not run the game ?
>I have never seen this machine work, but the hard drive is definately shot, all other tests seem to pass ok. <
the first test is the motherboard
second is the harddrive >all three sector's< and yes that  is how they layed it out..
if it load's to 
1=either loading game then hang's ?
2=either it say's it is loading game screen ? but hang's
then cycles,ie repeat's it self
3=comes back with a WRONG SERIAL #

these are issuies i would not sujest to a novice

from here i need more detail's..

a=find a person in your home town who can burn an eprom
>i will provide the s/w<
b=my s/w will be a full .img >hard-drive<,if need i can explain jumper setting's etc
c=as i explained the egale :fix: as it is called egale 2.09 goes into a m27c801
maybe shawn can tell me if he had luck with other's ?


The game does not boot at all, it is looking for IDE hard drive and then restarts. When I power up while pressing start you can go through some other tests and all seem to pass except Hard drive. I took the hard drive out and it doesnt even power up. If I pickup and IDE to COMPACT FLASH adapter, and just an 8 gig compact flash card will I still need the 2.09 boot rom? To what size hard drive are you good to go without requiring the 2.09 boot rom?

What program do you recommend to write the img to the hard drive?


tl;dr - in order to run a different "non-IT games"branded hard drive, you must update the bootrom on the board to version 2.09 which fixes the boot sequence to accommodate different hard drives.

extended explanation - the board is set too boot with a specicfic brand and configuration of hard drive. if you clone the drive to the same make and boots fine. if you clone the original to a different manufacturer/size/format of hard drive, it won't boot properly because the bootrom waits for something to come back from the drive but doesn't receive it. if the eagle bootrom is updated to version 2.09, it fixes it so you can use nearly any drive.


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