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Golden Tee Complete CHD wanted

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Put the new Dallas chip in today. The date is Still at 1971 but It's no big Deal.

Hi Ed, I'm curious as to what you meant by "stay away from egal 2.04 or u had better have a phone line hooked up as it is a crappy build".

I've just picked up a non-working GT Fore 2005 and I'm currently working on getting it back up and running.  It turns out I'm running the 2.04 ROM (Red board).  I'm considering ordering a 2.09 from hobbyroms though as that seems to be the go.  My HDD has stopped reading so I think I might need to get 2.09 and put in a replacement drive.

I guess I'd still like to hear what makes the 2.04 build so bad (aside from not being able to run any HDD you wish)?

(Hopefully this thread is't too old to be reviving, it's still on the front page...)

Hello I know this is an old thread but I am also looking for an image of GT Fore! Complete - is it available anywhere for download?
I'm trying to repair a bunch of GT boards.
I have a GT Coplete board, Canadian, Green Board, 2.09 boot ROM.
ED12 you mentioned in May that you may be able to upload this to dropbox, please let me know if its available!



I'm still watching this topic too, let us know if you find anything.

I know I said I would upload it
but I was side tracked, i will be doing complete's this week
so chime in mid week and remind me please



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