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Golden Tee Complete CHD wanted

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I everyone, I Just got a GT Complete with a dead HDD, does anyone have a Complete CHD Hard drive image hosted anywhere? I would love to get this thing going. Thanks in advance!


good day.

I'm not sure I understand? Are you referencing the fact that this was my first post?

ok it is not quite that simple
1=what color board is it red or green?
2=are u in usa or canada ?
3=what bootrom revision is it v1.6 or v2 or v2.09?
4-what is the u53 #'s >the sticker on the top< of the chip read ?


Thank you for the reply. 

Green board
Not sure of revision of bootrom 2.?? I do know it is not v2.09.
Chip G4C-can-u

I've done some reading and I understand I need a 2.09 bootrom for a larger hard drive. Is this something I can flash update myself or must I buy one? Or can I go from an IDE to a small 8 gig SD card? Sorry for my ignorance, I am new to this and hope to get this going myself. I know you can buy this stuff cheap off eBay, but I enjoy doing things myself if possible.

Thanks again!!!


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