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So a few weeks ago I picked this up from an auction.  It's a UMC Playboy Shuffle-Targette bowler type game.  This machine was manufactured in 1961.  Having never seen this type of game before I find it intriguing because I like both the traditional shuffle board type games and the skee ball type scoring this game offers.   The cabinet for this game was in decent shape for it's age but will require a fair amount of work before I can even plug it in to see IF it works. 

First things I am going to have to do, before plugging it in and turning it on for the first time, is clean all the stepper motors as all but one is frozen.  Then go over every bit of wiring for damaged wires.  There was a large amount of rodents living inside the machine. as evidenced by the amount of pecan shells and rats nests I pulled out of this thing. so I am going to have to be on the lookout for chewed wires.  Another source of irritation is the bulb underneath the inserts on the lane.  It looks to originally had a fluorescent type bulb.  Someone decided it would be a good idea to replace it with a incandescent bulb, as can be seen in my pictures. that caused damage as well.  There is a big burned spot were the light bulb rested against the wood frame of the bottom, some smoke damage on a metal light reflector type thingy, and melted insulation of a few of the wires.  Also am going to have to check the various solder points in the backbox as I noticed a few of the wires had broken loose.

After all that I can plug it in and hope it works.  If it does, I can move on to replacing / rebuilding a few of the cabinet parts.  Mainly the coin insert/door area.  As this part is completely missing.  I should be able to rebuild the coin housing box pretty easily and make it match paint wise but I doubt I will be able to find a coin insert (door?).  I will probably just end up replacing it with a modern counterpart that at least has similar looks.  I am also planning on remaking the rubber parts.  I need to do a bit more research but my plan is to make a mold of the parts and recast them out of a some type of impact resistant material.   Other then that it would just be a bit of minor woodworking and it should be good as new.

Hopefully I can get started cleaning everything up this weekend or next and will keep this thread updated as I do.

One thing I didn't notice until I was taking these pics is that the 10 point score reel for player one is busted.  Some of the wheel is there but it is missing about 3 of the number spots so will probably just switch it out with one of the player 6 reels as I will probably very rarely see more then 2 or 3 people playing at a time.

A few more pics.

Not sure if anyone here is interested in this thread or not but I managed to get everything except for players 2-6's score reels cleaned.  I've been chasing down why the flash motor wasn't working and a few other small things and found that it is caused by the snow shoe style fingers on the game selection stepper unit not making good contact. 

Once I get this fixed and change out the worn contacts on the score motor fingers I will begin cleaning the rest of the machine.

Showing it's alive.

Showing the problem with the game selection stepper.


the snow shoe is in truth a steper unit,which u can get part's for from any pinball house that sell's em machine part's >common<
the countor reel same is either balley/williams/gottileb,size is the trick to the tail..
nice work so far


Funky. :)

I've never seen one of those. I've always been a bit fascinated with the electro-mechanical games. Is there a video of game play out there someplace? I did a quick internet search, but didn't find anything.

Good luck on the restore!


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