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What happened to the wiki?

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Um, do you really want Gif support enabled in the wiki?


--- Quote from: spoot on March 10, 2014, 04:20:01 pm ---Um, do you really want Gif support enabled in the wiki?

--- End quote ---

Are you suggesting that that could be the cause of this problem?

I understand the potential security concern with .GIFs, but that was how Saint set it up.

Felsir and I will be converting most of the .GIFs to PNGs due to the resizing problems in mediawiki.

There are a few animated .GIFs like this troublesome one -- not sure what we can do with them.   :dunno


Dunno, but prob not helping.  I suggest fire atm.

Yeah.....long day.........

Everything was working fine when I uploaded a bunch of MALA configuration screencap .GIFs so I doubt it's related to the .GIF extension.

The problem file was uploaded to the old wiki on 2 March 2008, so it's probably not an infected file.

If Saint could log in and manually delete that troublesome .GIF and page, that might help fix the problem.   :dunno

Is there any other way to roll back the database?


Trouble is, for deletion I have to be able to access the file- which in turn crashes the site.
I'm trying to rollback to the [empty] version via file history and delete from there...


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