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What happened to the wiki?

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Things were going along fine until I tried to upload "MomsArcadeAnimationFull.gif" yesterday afternoon and the site seemed to hit a brick wall.

Now pages take 15+ minutes to kick back a "The connection was reset" message while trying to load -- only two pages loaded in 50+ tries.   :badmood:

Anyone else having trouble with the wiki?

Is it a Denial of Service attack?

Can you reboot the server, Saint?   :dunno


UPDATE: Once in a while, some pages will load very quickly, but most of the time pages still take a long time before they time out.

That's why we can't have anything nice around here.

Oh, and

Tapatalk fix > Wiki fix    >:D

Still won't load the page.

If I try to access that page and then go to another page in the wiki, it just keeps churning until it times out like before.

According to this, the MomsArcadeAnimationFull.gif file is close to the max size for file uploads.   :dunno


I tried a handful of links and they were loading fairly quickly.  Are there specific links you wanted tested?  Maybe its sorted out now?   :dunno

Thanks, Hoopz.

Most pages appear to be loading quickly unless and until you try to access

That is the one page that never loads for me.

I've even tried re-uploading the file and a uploading a different version of the file, but it doesn't seem to help.



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