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First off, I want to thank those in BYOAC for the warm welcome on a recent post in Buy Sell Trade thread.  I hope that we can serve you in the coming weeks and months. 

My name is Jaleel Beck - owner of - an arcade parts retailer located in Northeastern PA.  For those familiar Street Fighter 4, the name was derived from one of the newest tactics implemented in the game.  We started in late 2009 as a humble eBay business, offering collectible merchandise such as fighting game art books, comics and figurines.  Over time, we evolved into supporting the Fightstick modding and building community, with import joystick parts, multi-console PCBs, wiring solutions, custom accessories and other unique items. The shop also embraces unique items designed by players right in that community.

Moving into 2014, we've gained a reputation for reputable service, quick communication and order fulfillment, and helpful tech support when needed. We won SRK's Tech Talk Company of the year in 2012.  Socially, we've gained 8500+ likes on Facebook, nearly 4000 Twitter followers, and over 5000 store newsletter subscribers.  On Facebook, we're thankful to receive positive testimonials from many buyers over the months since reviews were introduced. If anything, I hope this helps in trusting that our store is legitimate and aims to serve each of you well.

It's on that same level of service that I'd like to bring to home arcade, MAME and entertainment centers, growing into a resource that you can trust to get the parts and solutions you need for your dedicated arcade cabinet, supergun, and MAME cab.

To start, we're happy to become an official reseller of Suzo Happ arcade parts, and will begin offering their joysticks, buttons and cabling to the store.  In time, we will bring in IL parts. If there are specific IL parts that you are looking for, please let us know.

We're also glad to become a reseller of Ultimarc's unique arcade solutions, and will begin offering many of them stateside.

In the coming months, we hope to bring additional solutions for the arcade enthusiast - for Japanese style cabinets and American/Europe style.  Need an uncommon part from any vendor we currently use, such as a unique Sanwa, Seimitsu, or Happ Part?  We're accepting requests on a monthly basis, to which we add at least one or several of that product to the store once it arrives, categorized as a special order part.  This way, we save you and others time in ordering it again.  If it becomes a common request, we'll add it to the store as a common part.

An honest question should come up as I make an introduction here in BYOAC: Why go to
* We offer reasonably competitive prices on joystick parts such as joysticks, buttons and balltops/battops. We may not have everything, but we strive to offer the best prices on what we have, and continue to grow.
* Event-related sales, incentives to save.  Follow us to learn about events that we are part of and sales that come from it.  Look in a few weeks as we roll out a new feature that rewards you for sticking with us.
* Domestic order fulfillment is fast. We usually ship within 1-2 business days of your order, or sometimes within 24 hours!  Internationally, we offer a service that shortens the usually weeks long time to deliver a shipment.
* We share unique items from the community. Check our section "Made in the FGC" for a list of products made for players, by players!  We hope to extend this to arcade enthusiasts that are part of BYOAC under a new category.
* Contests -- we often offer our products or other items as great contest prizes for players around the world!
* Worldwide shipping: With few exceptions, we ship anywhere that USPS can deliver. We also ship to US forwarding mailboxes courtesy of BONGO.
* Helpful, Quick Service - No one likes to wait...Have questions about your order? You can contact and our coordinator Jenni will assist you. Any other questions? You can reach each department via our contact page or hit us up on Twitter, Facebook, or this forum thread.  Finally, you can call toll free at 1-855-95-FOCUS (855-953-6287) Monday through Friday 10a.m.- 5p.m. EST.  If no one is available at the time you call, you can leave a message.  We'll have your number on file automatically to call back.
* On the fighting game end of things, continues giving prize sponsorships to the tournaments, adding to the winner's pot, and participating in other community related events. If you have a gathering, convention or other event and would like a sponsor, please let us know and we can review. As we gear up to serve you at BYOAC, bringing in the parts you want, moving into a new storefront and warehouse, redesigning the site later this year, and improving things all around, I hope that you'll check out sometime. 

Our latest store newsletter


Hi again,

Following the introduction, I wanted to share some news that you might find worthwhile.

If you own a Japanese arcade cabinet, or fancy Sanwa or Seimitsu parts, you'll want to take advantage of a 15% sale going on today.  We're a proud sponsor of SoCal Regionals, a premiere fighting game tournament going on this weekend.  You can save 15% on everything in the store by using coupon code FIGHTSOCAL14.  If you forget to use the code, no worries, as you still get 10% off your order total.  The coupon code gives you an extra 5%.

We're also introducing custom cut and etching services for Fightsticks called FA Plexworks.  We've teamed up with Foe Hammer Custom Joysticks to bring professional custom etching to commercial Fightsticks such as Madcatz, Hori and others.  This weekend, we're offering a chance to win a next-gen modded Fightstick that offers Xbox One, PS4, and older consoles such as PS3, Xbox 360, PS2, PSX, Xbox, and Dreamcast.  You can enter by visiting  Check out our growing category of supported fightstick panels at

What else may FA Plexworks offer?  We'd like to work with members of BYOAC to introduce cabinet marquee etching services.  If you are interested in a free cut and etching, please send a message to and we'll work out the details to make this happen.

For full details of our sale and giveaway, you can check out our latest store newsletter.

To watch the action of So, drop by


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Hey Jaleel,
 I just wanna thank welcome to the forum as I see you're somewhat newer here.

I just bought some Sanwa clear rim buttons and an MC Cthulhu from your shop a few months back.
I was very pleased with the service, price and shipping. I also shop with the other vendors present here on the forums but seeing how you're in PA and I'm in CT, I gave Focus Attack a shot
and was not disappointed.


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