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Rowe Ami R-88 Volume control

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Thanks a lot!!!
I'll try this as soon as I get home :D
I'll give you some news, and probably a video when it works :)

I know it's an old post, but is there anything connected to the 3rd pin of the volume control?

No, nothing is connected to the third (CCW) terminal.
These are 2-wire DC controls that control current through signal shunt diodes.  It doesn't need to be shielded, and can be ran some distance without hum issues.
Use a 10KΩ linear, NOT audio taper, but if you can get a REVERSE audio taper (C taper on some brands), that is the correct taper.
TubesAndMore/Antique Electronic Supply actually carries this taper in a solder lug panel mount!

The more you get towards linear and audio taper, the more you will get more rise of the audio at the END of the rotation (CW).
Reverse audio/ taper C, will give the original audio rate of rise with rotation.
There is no electrical issue, just how 'fast' the volume functions as you rotate it.

AMI apparently didn't document this beyond just an AMI part number, but I have measured 5 original vintage controls and all are ~10KΩ reverse audio taper...
I believe all the 2-wire VC that are wired on the 'top' two VC lugs are 10KΩ reverse taper.
This includes the 'bubbler' models AFAIK.
Mr K L


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