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Welcome to the forums.  Topic has bee stickied!  Where are you located?

Wow Cool! Thanks for the sticky! Truly an honor and much appreciated.

I am physically located in Herndon, VA (Just outside of DC). The metal shop I work with is not co-located so most of the DC area shenanigans don't affect our work. Everything else I sell is in my home. Saves on storefront rent, storage rent, etc. since my house has a few empty rooms and I don't mind people coming over to say hi and picking things up. Always a great way to meet fellow hobbyists and squeak a game or two out.

If you ever have an idea or something custom you want to do, let me know. As my shops name states "JasensCustoms" I pride myself on taking  your ideas and making them into something tangible. Stickers, Graphics, Car Decals, FightStick Art, Metal Cases, etc. I'll do my best to help!


Here is the latest design to be implemented. The MK30 SuperGun! This is the most robust SuperGun case I have designed. It features:

1. Standard AC input jack with Power Switch on the back.
2. Cherry Power Switch on the front (two switch protection and easy access to the on/off switch)
3. +5V Adjust Pot on the front (by removing and soldering a replacement pot to the PowerSupply)
4. RGB Pots for video adjustment
5. 5V Meter on the front for easy access to the vital information of the 5V line.
6. DB15 Ports with Coin Switches on the Front. When I build them, I always use the NEOGEO layout plus a couple extra buttons :-D
7. Service and Test Switches on the front for easy access.
8. 4PDT switch on the back for easy MVS/JAMMA Audio or RGB Only Mode. Your choice!
9. DB9 connection on the back for easy Kick Harness hookup!
10. JAMMA Passthrough bushing for a clean trouble free installation.
11. S-Video, Composite, Component, and RGB Out (via 8Pin Mini-Din).
12. Rubber Feet

All 14 gage cold rolled steel construction!

Cheers everyone. Some folks over at SRK commissioned me to  make some reproduction Lindbergh Panels. These fit many cabinets including NOIR, BLANC, and VEWLIX style cabinets. They also make great panels for custom sticks, etc. I am currently taking Pre-Orders via my site (linked below) for the next week at $89.95. I am offering these up with both 1 and 2 player layouts as well as Vewlix, Noir, and Astro button arrangements.

Pre-Orders are going to remain open for a week after which I will get them into production! Not only am I offering the panels, but for $12.95 I will print and cut a custom overlay and apply it to your new panel! I am able to do it all in house on my professional printer/cutter and laminator so custom overlays are no problems! I'll be posting the templates once the final cut files are completed.

If you have any questions, let me know!

Now available for Pre Order - XBOX ONE PCBs! Only $35.95

Add a PS360+ for only $52.95 during the pre-order too!


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