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Order between now and June 27 to pick your Powder Coat Color! To be a good steward to the shop and to keep the price of these panels as low as possible, I am going to send the first batch of Panels in on June 27th. This will allow everyone to pick a color of their choosing before white glossy is the only option! This will delay the orders going out briefly, but its going to benefit everyone that wants something a little more special.

Reproduction SEGA Control Panels now available for Order! Faithfully recreated by Jasen's Customs using an actual panel, these are an excellent additions to your cabinet or custom project!

Construction Details:

Panels are made using 16 Gage Cold Rolled Steel. Same thickness as the original panel.
Powdercoated for the best possible look.
Astro City 2L12B Layout Standard
Studs installed per the JLF Standard. Use a Paradise Plate to mount alternate types of sticks like Seimitsu.
Reproduction Graphics are available for an additional cost. Custom graphics you provide are also available at a great price and installed before shipping! All graphics are printed on 3mil high quality vinyl, dried, and then protected with a satin finish 3mil laminate for durability. Finally they are machine cut and installed before shipment!

Cabinets these panels fit (based on actual fitmet):

- Sega Blast City
- Sega Astro City
- Sega Naomi Universal
- Sega Net City

I've slacked off a bit keeping folks here abreast of things Im working on... I apologize  ;) Been working hard on a few cool products/projects and thats been keeping me down in the basement (quite literally) and away from the forums writ large.

This weekend "The Art of Fighting" is occurring in New Mexico; Albuquerque to be exact. They asked if I would be willing to donate to the cause, naturally I obliged as all proceeds of the tournament and event are going to benefit the March of Dimes. Purple Grimace Designs and I worked out a custom Panzer Fight Stick to be auctioned off where all proceeds go to MoD.

Here's the mini-ad:

Finally, with the help of a fellow community member, here's the final product that is being auctioned off:

I hope to do a themed stick every couple of months for charity. This was an excellent opportunity to help out and do something other than focus on profits and boosting sales and the venue is perfect. In later months without tournaments and events, ill likely turn to eBay to run the auctions and donate the proceeds appropriately.

Last but not least, here's the newest SuperGun offering at Jasen's Customs.... the MK30 ADCAP. It's a pretty amazing build, im very happy and proud of it. Im finishing up some pre-sale builds this weekend but hope to have them up and ready for purchase by Monday.

The Art of Fighting is live and streaming. Jasen's Customs is donating $5 to the cause for every Panzer Fight Stick case sold this weekend!

That MK30 ADCAP supergun looks super sexy. :D

You know, I have no use for this stuff, and I probably will never buy any,  but you make some AWESOME-LOOKING ---steaming pile of meadow muffin---.  :cheers:


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