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A couple of new ones to show off. So Shiny!

White Gloss over White Sandtex:

Orange Gloss over White Sandtex - Orange Sherbet Style:

A see a trend... this color combo is killin' it!

Also, big news on the SuperGun front. I have a couple of the new MK30 SuperGuns coming in next week. They are going to be killer and the best SG I have ever made available. Pictures, Builds, and more coming soon!

whats the going rate for a complete supergun now a days?


--- Quote from: Malenko on March 14, 2014, 05:28:53 pm ---whats the going rate for a complete supergun now a days?

--- End quote ---

Right now the MK48 fully built out is $600+shipping. I am looking closely at that to see if there are any cost savings I can put into place. Additionally, I have a new MK30 coming out that is going to have just a few more features such as external adjustable +5V, adjustable POTS for RGB, a 5V meter, and a MVS Safe Switch. Although with the attenuation circuit, it would seem (Based on my math) its not necessary :-D


Here are some recent events:

Reproduction SAMMY Logos for the AWSD:

Reproduction CPS2 Labels:

Doing a pre-order for some sweet custom Sega Lindbergh Reproduction Panels:

A customer shows off his new Panzer Fight Stick Build!

The Centipede Control Panel Overlays get finished and shipped to the first new customers!

BMCKay's Panzer Fight Stick gets a new wrap!

A few Panzer's shipped out!

And I'm taking Pre-Orders against the bare XBOX One PCBs I ordered from AkiShop Customs!

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