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Hi everyone! Popping in after being away for so long so that I can let another community know that I have started a new project (well, have grown one significantly) these past few months.

You may know I build SuperGuns and run a small site called where I share some tips and things I learned along the way. Well, due to overwhelming demand... and by overwhelming I mean 5 or 6 people, I setup a shop to house my projects and items related to them so people could easily order things and I could easily track things.

My History:
I got into the hobby about 5 years ago when I restored a NEO-GEO Cabinet because I wanted one and I thought it would be fun. I needed some side art and the one guy at NEOGEO who made it decided he was no longer going to make it available. He and I discussed it and I decided to step in and make use of some of my creative bones. Being a perfectionist, I needed the closest and most exacting side art I could get and I knew everyone else wanted perfection too. I teamed up with a few very nice folks at and got some original scans, pictures, etc of original cabs and carefully recreated the side art from scratch. Fast forward 2 years and about 200 sets of side art later and I think that mission was accomplished!

About 6 months after my first cab restoration I was fully invested in the Arcade Scene mentally. I wanted something I could easily get from place to place and just setup to play Street Fighter II, Mortal Kombat, etc. A buddy showed me a SuperGun... I was hooked. All of the benefits of a cab with the right amount of tech project and fun. I started building a few SuperGuns for the heck of it. I hated cutting cases, and having things look a little "unpretty" so I teamed up with a metal shop and haven't looked back. I designed a few cases before I settled on the MK48 and decided that having everything internal like a cabinet made a huge amount of sense so the fully enclosed SG cases that you see have become my norm.

Eventually, I needed a few controllers so I ventured into building metal SuperGun Controllers , and then came full on Fight Sticks. The utility of just a fight stick for the PS3/XBOX360 or the utility of just a SuperGun controller is relatively good on their own, but together... amazing! After a lot of planning and iterations of the case, the Panzer Fight Stick was born.

Finally, along the way I revived a few more arcade games, had questions about making art for my sticks as well as art for other projects so once again I added something new to my stable of machines and got into vinyl graphic cutting and printing.  Now I essentially have a little shop that I make support my (and now others) hobby's with!

Expansion No, not in the physical sense. I don't need a storefront or storage unit. More cool stuff! I have started to expand things I do to include CMVS Covers, Reproduction Covers, Custom NEO-GEO Board Bases, and finally Candy Cab Control Panels!

Location, Location, Location!

I am physically located in Herndon, VA (Just outside of DC). The metal shop I work with is not co-located so most of the DC area shenanigans don't affect our work. Everything else I sell is in my home. Saves on storefront rent, storage rent, etc. since my house has a few empty rooms and I don't mind people coming over to say hi and picking things up. Always a great way to meet fellow hobbyists and squeak a game or two out.

Welcome to

What's Different about JasensCustoms.Com?

I try to focus on cool new project/ideas that I can design and bring to market myself. I love the projects others bring to the table and I strive to be one of "those" guys. I do offer a few things that are readily available, but I like to sell things that make sense with what I design and build. There's a lot of room for everyone to do their thing without everyone encroaching on each other. I like to focus on one thing and do it well instead of focusing on a lot of things and not knowing a lick about any of it.

Enough about me! Let's see some cool stuff! Here is a few examples of things I have designed and built:

First up is a custom Control Panel for an SRK member:

How about some NEO-GEO MV-2/MV-2B Reproduction Covers and custom bases:

Now an MV-4F Cover and Base:

And finally an MVH-MV4 Cover and Base:

Don't want to spoil who this one belongs to, but someone requested a Korean Stick. It's almost ready to ship:

EGRET/Atomiswave SD Folks, ready to get some new Control Panels? Here are the first to go out and get test fitted:

Finally, updated the MK48 with a few new features:

Fit checks of the first EGRET panels were great! Looking to have these ready to order by the end of this week! I'll be offering a few layouts to include a 1L6B, 2L8B, 2L12B. Other than these, custom layouts will be available at an additional cost. Depending on interest, I may keep a number of them on hand ready to ship vs. waiting for them to be built on a per order basis. Price per panel will be $75, overlays will be extra.

Getting close to offering the replacement EGRET Control panels for sale! There are a couple of minor pricing details to come through before I'll post them. I want to make sure I can get the price as low as possible so that you get the best deal on the highest quality parts. Additionally, I have all of the gear to print/laminate apply reproduction EGRET CPOs to these as well. That will be available for an extra cost, but still very reasonable.

I'll be finishing the new MK30 SuperGun design this weekend, the Replacement Lindbergh Panel Design (Preorders coming soon, I can provide more details as needed), and will be setting up a bunch of CPS2 Replacement labels for print/cut.

Finally, I carry some nice Bob Roberts Harnesses for your JAMMA Projects. All of the quality of Bob's stuff at a good price with fast $3.99 shipping. I currently have the full JAMMA Harnesses in stock as well as some CPS2 Kick Harnesses. Once my most recent order arrives, I will have some Mortal Kombat Kicks as well as some CPS1 Kicks.

Hey Jasen, welcome to the forum!

I still gotta get you those dimensions for the CPS3 cages. :D

Yeah! I still want to do a cool CPS3 setup in metal. I think it would be kickin'


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