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For my first use on Windows 10 I had to install DirectX9 2010...

If you get this screen

You must set the "cabinet" options to Single mode :

Press F2 to enter the menu, then navigate with F1 and go to "GAME SYSTEM", press F2
Set LINK ID to "SINGLE" (Go to the line with F1, Select with F2)
Set CABINET to "DELUXE"  (Go to the line with F1, Select with F2)

Set the other options you want (Country, difficulty, etc)

Got to EXIT, press F2, EXIT again, press F2 and it should be OK.


Just imagine being able to replace the texture in the arcade ROMs. I'd love to be able to do so, uploading real sponsors textures would make it more realistic.

Very, very good! Thank you very much for taking the time to do this. For me the best thing is disabling the time limit.

I have one small issue. In the patch screen under emulator, my screen resolution 2560x1440 is not there. The only one that works is 1920x1080 which is ok, but I'm wondering why I can't choose my resolution.

Thanks again.

Hey Iím working on my driving cab again, can u launch the model 2 hack directly from an emulator. Havenít been able to figure that one out yet. I can get the model2 emulator to work but the hack from an emulator


The controller settings will not let me get out of analog mode. If I double click on change key, I get an analog device set up. I can uncheck the box but I can't change to another button on my controller.[/img]

Up, down, left and right work fine. I can double click on them and re map them, its just steering, accelerate and brake that I can't get out of analog mode.


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