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How do you transfer files/images from the old wiki?

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I'm pretty sure I'm missing something. 

From Statistics page on old wiki:
Content pages   2,198
Pages (All pages in the wiki, including talk pages, redirects, etc.)   4,215
Uploaded files    1,082

From Statistics page on new wiki:
Content pages   1,152
Pages (All pages in the wiki, including talk pages, redirects, etc.)   1,661
Uploaded files   196

Looks like there are 1,000+ missing content pages and 900+ missing images.   :dizzy:

I haven't even been able to successfully Transwiki import a page from the old wiki without getting a "Import failed: Bad interwiki link " message.   :hissy:

Is there ANY way to batch import files and/or images that doesn't require root access?   

I'd like to avoid slogging through manual image transfers and have no idea on how to transfer pages with the history intact.   :banghead:

If there's nothing I can do, there's a python Wikipedia script here and Linux directions on how to zip/copy files here that Saint or Sirwoogie might be able to use.   :dunno


I couldn't get the image transfer to work, so I've been just manually copy/pasting stuff :(

That's what I was afraid of -- image transfer drudgery underway.   :(

Sorted images in alphabetic order for both wikis on the Special: File List page to determine what's already been uploaded while working down the list.

Already transferred all images up to Asylumarcade.jpg.   ;D
Also figured out how to use Special: Export pages to export pages to an XML file.

In the large box on Special: Export pages, copy/paste the list of page titles you want to transfer from Special: All pages.

Each title needs to be on a separate line (instead of a tab between titles), deselect "Include only the current revision, not the full history",  select "Save as file", click on the Export button and save file to HDD.

Go to Special: Import and under "Upload XML data", click on Browse button to select the file then "Upload File".  Any pages that already exist will return the message "All revisions were previously imported."   8)


Man, I see the wiki "recent changes" page... that's a lot of work there... :notworthy:

I knew you'd be busy elsewhere for a few days and figured that would give me time to get started on transferring the images.  ;D

All images thru CrazyCanadianCocktail.jpg transferred so far. (~200 done, ~700 to go)  :cheers:



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