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hi pl1
thk-u for your reply :)
i was thinking it of linking it out of here.?
the rules are clear now
pga sports by gobalvr i have the code writes to as i share with them
but ANY THING TO DO WITH EA I DO NOT so i avoid it
this would be there dongle.
that was made very clear to me before,from them.
all i will put in the pdf is which dongle goes to which s/w,and resuce disk's etc,
i just wanted the way's..thk-u very much again


I see no copyright issues for a PDF saying that dongle X goes with software version Y for program Z, but you might want to keep it as text for future editing ease.

Added an example of documenting copyright permission on the Community Portal page.

If you do decide to include material from a company like VR that doesn't have close ties to the BYOAC community, you may also want to include a copy of the e-mail granting permission on the talk page or Comment block just in case the guy who gave permission retires and his replacement has no record of it.    :o


got it.

even though as u have seen me do in open form post the author's credit's.
alot of it i had to find trial and error
as i stated ea sport's are the stick in the not a tad of there code will be posted
the olny thing i am planing on doing is extending the q's and a's from 2 forms here
which 1 is the mother form >mine< and stpcore's the sister
as mine runs 18page's deep as dose stpcore's,
i thought it was time to put what dongle works with what s/w to use,as there is a wack of ppl that do not know,plus the fact's of what hardware can be used,plus what dongle is needed,
and other ceritan facts..

ie can i swap out the monitor for a lcd ?
do i need the dongle ?
what is the best power-supply ?
can i swap the video card ?
all of these have been answered in forms
but there is alot of in-between traffic that the answer never really get's there..

why i am trying to do this, is it took 3 pages in the mother form to explain to ppl windowsxp>e<,and i think alot of them went wtf..

onto your point i will get a copy of it from gobalvr and post it  for u with the pdf
if i go out of bound's..but i do not think i will.
as i do not intened to post rom code,
i got that point.



--- Quote from: PL1 on February 24, 2014, 11:42:42 pm ---Not sure what category/parent page it would fall under or link from -- maybe Felsir can chime in with a suggestion here.   :dunno

--- End quote ---
I'm not sure I understand the goal of the PGA Golf page?
Is it to inform people how to configure specific things? We might set up a page for specific game-configuration help?

After some consideration, the Restoration page, "Game-Specific Resources" section looks like a reasonable choice for linking to this page/info.

The people trying to restore/repair these systems are the people who need to know which combinations of software/hardware/firmware/dongle work together.

All of this assumes I'm translating the "Ed-speak" correctly.   :lol   Amiright, Ed?



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