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i went to lock the mother thread up today
so no more reply's can come to it...
the pdf is just about ready for u very fine ppl to study and edit if u want.

i opened my thread with a simple question
which is what video card can i use ?
in place of a burnt out 4200
well that opened a can of worms as it is said.
the reason is easy to understand
gobalvr @ ea sports were in court and parting way's
so gobal vr would not offer support nor could or would ea
so alot of ppl were  stuck in a rock and hard place.
so they had a hudge machine they loved and no where to go,
little did i know i was the guy steping up to the plate to pick up the ball.
i guess i hit a wack of home run's,as stpcore has made a tiddie little side business of it,
for me it was the goal..fix-it

i truly hope this puts your questions to bed ?


No problem ed12. I understand the intentions. A page to save people from having to do a ton a research someone already did is basically the purpose of the wiki- it was just the matter of where to put it :-)




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