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Thanks to the appreciated persistance and suggestions from PL1 and other folks here, I have finally installed a new wiki and put it online. The address is, while the old one still resides at At some point both addresses will point to the new wiki, but until everything is moved the old one remains for reference. Everything text wise has been moved, but images from the old wiki didn't move properly and are having to be manually moved, a labor intensive process.

What's changed?

1. The new wiki is on the newest version as of a few days ago.
2. The old wiki user authentication was tied to the forum, and that was broken. The new wiki has its own user database unrelated to the forum user name. However, please use the same name if you want to work on the wiki.
3. New users cannot create their own account on the wiki. That may change in the future, but for SPAM prevention right now an account has to be created for you. See this message for details on getting a wiki editing account.

The wiki is yours and what you make of it folks. :)

[Added hyperlink for new wiki URL -- Scott]

hey bud
can u hook ed12 up also ?
plus i would like edits as well



--- Quote from: ed12 on February 22, 2014, 09:08:37 pm ---hey bud
can u hook ed12 up also ?
plus i would like edits as well


--- End quote ---
Account created and PM sent.

Happy editing!


Hi pl1
i just need some guideance here
i have signed in and passworded etc,all is fine that way
my question is how do i open a page for pga golf ?
and all the rule's of the site so i know what and what not to post?
is there a readme for this ? if so is it on the site?
rember i am willing and able to do my own hard work
just a tad of here or there will get me there..
thk-u in advance


The Community Portal page has some good guidance to help you start off on the right foot.

The main thing to be careful of is not to post copyrighted material without permission from the copyright holder.

For now, plug the desired page name into the wiki search field *exactly* as you want it to appear.

When the search comes up showing

--- Quote ---There were no results matching the query.

Create the page "PGA Golf" on this wiki!
--- End quote ---

Just click on the red link and start editing.   ;D

Have fun and if you have any questions/issues with the page, each page also has an associated discussion/talk page (like this one for the FAQ) that you can use as a things to do list or asking for help with the page.

Protip: The wiki will translate "~~~~" into the username/date stamp that you see on the Talk:FAQ page.  ;D

One question to ponder: How do you want people to find/navigate to this page?

Not sure what category/parent page it would fall under or link from -- maybe Felsir can chime in with a suggestion here.   :dunno



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