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It looks great man!  My suggestion and I'm not sure how hard this would be to implement, would be command line options. 

Like you send it some filters and it silently spits out a csv file. 

If it can do that then FE authors can write an app that'll read the file and convert it to their particular list format (or better yet just use the default file) and the app would double as a list generator. 

If you add native support for all the FEs out there you will kill yourself with work only to discover that when you complete it they've decided to add more features and thus the format is invalid (been there, done that). 

You raise a very good point - I would not want to get stuck on the never ending treadmill of playing catch-up with front ends.  But are all, or most, front ends able to import some form of CSV?  If not, I could also provide a very simple plug-in interface and tie it into the GUI via the export option.

Otherwise, a command line interface would not be too difficult at all.

Most of them do yeah, but they all use different data or want it in a custom order ect....

Many thanks - to-do list above has a new entry.  I'll start researching the expectations of various front-ends.

It'd be nice to be able to pick the location of the snaps and icons and support non-zipped format. That way you don't have to dupe them into the mawler root if you want to use them as it's a lot of space. Most people will keep one copy of these, typically in their mame folder uncompressed if they want to use them in other apps that only support non-zipped format.

Being able to custom mark/flag groups of roms and then filter and/or export by those groupings is still the highest on my wish list. Squeak squeak. You said squeaky wheel right?  ;D Not to be a request hog, I have made most of the feature requests I guess so hopefully some others chime in here.


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