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Cool, seems to be working again! It doesn't seem to like unzipped image files though. I pointed it to my snaps and icons within mame folder that are unzipped and it's not showing them.

EDIT: Forgot to mention that the splash screen is back to the original as well.

Fixed and posted.

I use the IDS splash screen if the mame.xml is not found and the config popup is shown.  Otherwise, the standard one should be seen.

I think we need a version of the splash without the text in the bottom-right.  I can paint that on at run-time, using the random acronym thing :)

Cool, thanks for the update.

My spot checking shows some of the images work now but not all. For instance when I pull up 1943 I only see the flyer. When I pull up Robotron I can see the flyer and using the arrows can go to the control panel as well but not the snapshots or icon or cabinet etc.

Noticed an error that it's not finding Catver.ini even though it's in the path i'm pointing to.

--- Code: ---
I:\Arcade [ Tools ]\MAWLER>java -Xmx768m -Xmx768m -jar maws2.jar
log4j:WARN No appenders could be found for logger (xmc.util.xml.PropertyDescript
log4j:WARN Please initialize the log4j system properly.
log4j:WARN See for more in
Warning - data being overwritten:; key='vector'
Parse took 16814.432791ms
I:\Arcade [ Tools ]\MAWLER\support files\mame.xml: Processed 29610 games in 16.8
22000 seconds.
I:\Arcade [ Tools ]\MAWLER\support files\nplayers.ini: Processed 29648 games, 0
failed, 9836 games, 19812 non-games, in 0.086000 seconds.
I:\Arcade [ Tools ]\MAWLER\support files\hiscore.dat: Processed 4498 games in 0.
007000 seconds.
I:\Arcade [ Tools ]\MAWLER\support files\controls.xml: Processed 0 games in 0.01
4000 seconds.
Cannot find Colors.ini file: Colors.ini
I:\Arcade [ Tools ]\MAWLER\support files\history.dat: Loaded info for 10737 game
s in 0.283000 seconds.
I:\Arcade [ Tools ]\MAWLER\support files\mameinfo.dat: Loaded info for 8949 game
s in 2.239000 seconds.
Read 28627 files from 'I:\Arcade [ Tools ]\MAWLER\support files\cheat.7z' in 2.3
39207 seconds
        7425 files had cheat codes, and 21202 files had none.
Cannot find catver file: Catver.ini
Database contains 29610 unique entries.  Total load time of all files was 22.141

--- End code ---

I've taken the version text off of all the boot screens, maybe pull a random one with each load unless that adds too much to the file size? Images here:

EDIT: Was also going to mention that it might be a good idea to have the flyers smaller or be able to set the default size. With them full size you can't see any of the other info below as it takes up the whole screen. Might be good to have little previews that you could click to enlarge only if you wanted to.

I've dl'd an assortment of images and will work on improving things in that area.  I see flyers are quite big, as you mention, so I'll put an upper limit on size and scale them appropriately.

I have tweaked the splash to cycle through a selection of images, each time drawing a different random acronym expansion.  Not much of a change, so I'll wait till I get more done before pushing out a new build.

8bit: In cases where an image does not come up - can you confirm there is an image, it is named <romname>.{jpg|png|ico}, and is not in a subfolder?  For ex, for 1941 (not a clone or otherwise), there should be a file called 1941.png (or other extension) in the named zip file or directory, and not in a nested folder/dir.


Ok, I did some further testing. I made 6 new folders named Cabinet, Icon, Snap, Control Panel, Marquee and Flyer. Inside each of the folder I placed the appropriate image with the rom name of 19xx so each was 19xx.png. I then went into MAWLER and set the path to the 6 folders using the browse button and then looked up 19xx by searching for it and no images appeared. Opening up the preferences again to set the paths I noticed that there was a colon in from of the drive letter name so for instance :I:\ArcadeTools\MAWLER\image files\snap. I removed the colon at the beginning and then all images appear. It seems selecting the folder with the browse button adds a colon at the beginning.

I don't like having the icon as one of the images to scroll through, it should be visible at all times. Another image that would be cool to have visible at all times in a Hyperspin wheel image if possible. This is basically a logo for each game that is about 400x175. More info here:


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