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I have browsed the Wiki for a while, right now to me it feels like a bunch of loose ends. Some pages try to cover all details while they may benefit from splitting up (for example, the emulators page tries to cover all systems and all emulators in one big table).

So I was thinking of creating a new structure that takes building a cabinet from start to finish (much as the FAQ page does) and let it branch from there. This gives us the opportunity to clean up existing topics and add where needed. While I still encourage everyone to keep adding info (moving stuff is easier than to make up new stuff from scratch) it might be a good idea to get one outline going and add content from there.
What do you think?

Generic Eric:
I have some more ideas.  I am updating now.  Part of it is a list, but I wanted to share this.

Perhaps there is a builder that has already had a fantastic build, documented in a thread, wiki fi there build?  It would be nice if every knew how to set up a webpage, but some don't.  However, if we could hand them a template in a wiki section, they could fill it out and we'd have a built in examples section.

I have also been working a generic pict-o-gram for building a cabinet.  I would like to colloborate with someone on generating plans for the more recognizable cabinets.;topic=103207.0;attach=301256;image

In jahilton2002's bartop post, matt4949 posted this:
  Which could be the best way I've seen angles illustrated here.  It would be a nice to see a whole section of cabinet plans laid out like this.

I agree that a "big picture" outline would be a great idea.

I started the new FAQ not realizing that the "Main Arcade Cabinet Portals" had similar/overlapping info.

Maybe we can make a "big picture" page listing all the other page titles + a one sentence description for each.

Then everyone can shuffle/juggle the page titles/sentences into some semblance of order.


EDIT: Not ALL the page titles -- Looks like there are 1,608 of them.   :o
Gotta filter out the username, vendor and individual build pages.

I have started adding content to the FAQ page.

For links to other articles I've added the Main template. You can use it like this:

--- Code: ---{{Main|PAGE_YOU_WANT_TO_LINK_TO}}
--- End code ---
you can replace the PAGE_YOU_WANT_TO_LINK_TO to the wikipage you wish to refer to.

--- Code: ---{{Main|Emulators}}
--- End code ---
Main article: Emulators.

There is also a template:

--- Code: ---{{Also|PAGE_YOU_WANT_TO_LINK_TO}}
--- End code ---

--- Code: ---{{Also|Emulators}}
--- End code ---
See also: Emulators.

The difference between these two is, "Main" points to an article with the same topic as the current section, but more elaborate than the current section would alow. "See also" would refer to related topics of interest.


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