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You guys are great for arcade related stuff but i now have an antique pinball to restore.  I need to find a good pinball repair forum with people as helpful as you all.  Anybody know of such a place?  Specifically i need help finding the schematic sheets for a 1968 Williams "Cabaret" pinball machine.  Your help is greatly appreciated.



Click on groups.

Find the newsgroup,

Post your question there.

Ken Layton:
You could also try the pinball forum at

The best source of parts and schematics is:

Steve Young's "The Pinball Resource"
8 Commerce St.
Poughkeepsie, N.Y. 12603
Phone: (845) 473-7114
Fax: 845-473-7116

He has tons of NOS and reproduction parts for just about every pinball made. He's a one man show and I think he's on vacation this week till Monday Dec. 1st.

Definitely he would have the schematic and manuals for your machine. I got manuals and schematics for a Williams "Expo" (same vintage as your machine) from him.

thanks a bunch

Ken Layton:
The other major supplier is:

Marco Specialties
5290 Platt Springs Road
Lexington, SC 29073-9252
Phone: (803) 957-5500

Be sure to get their hard copy catalog!


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