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on my 1st cabinet build


hey guys, being new to the forums here I want to say thanks for all the info on everything.  but my question has to do with the coin door/coin mech.....I really want my coin door/mech to accept any coin. the thread from a few years ago I guess the guy has sold out, I'm a lil late lol.....but if there is any other posts on this I would really appreciate any links, info, guidance, or suggestions on where to look.  I'm sorry if it's obvious as I'm just learning the forum setup.  also if its possible for me to DIY another coin mech to make it accept any coin which coin mech should I go with that's the simplest to change around?  again thanks for any help you wonderful fellow arcade builders can give me.

Hello and welcome to the forums.
  You should be able to fashion your own.
Basically you want to have the coin door with the coin switches but no coin mechs.
You can them fashion some sort of chute to steer the coin down through the coin switches.
  I'm not so sure about this method easily allowing any size coin but I would think its possible.
   One post you may wanna look at is the spinal tap cabinet by Eds1275,107662.80.html

It may help to give you a start.


--- Quote from: EckSrg22 on November 22, 2013, 08:57:19 pm ---...I really want my coin door/mech to accept any coin...
--- End quote ---

The ones I have are from Arcadenut. They work great.,111317.msg1180768.html#msg1180768

They're sold out, and I don't know if he plans to do another run, but it can't hurt to show interest.


If I purchase the Kindle version of Project Arcade, is it still possible to get the resources on the physical copy's CD?



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