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Is there a table showing what keys go with what drives?

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Sarver Systems:
I'm hoping to download a table that shows all the keycodes and hard drive codes.

So if I have key SA-XXX it goes with hard drive XX-XXX and has XX version on it, and is compaitble with XX software.

For example:

Key: SA-1035
Hard Drive: DA-0100
Ruby, Ruby2

What do you mean by table? You can use any hard drive with (that i know of) 2005 +

As far as what key goes with what is a link to the maxx manual:

And here is the Force and Ion manual:

Those manuals list the key part numbers that pair with the matching software versions.

the key matchs the s/w u are to use
to match a certian >key< to a harddrive,makes me think u have machines without hard drives ?
if so just go to the links posted
1 will give u ions
the other 90% of the rest
examples here
sa3083-01 is for canadian 2005
sa3059-33 is for canadian 2003
now if i did not what s/w went to the sa # i would look it up in 1 of the 2 manuals
in the links
wa-la ok 83 is for 05
wa-la ok 33 is for 03


Sarver Systems:
I've got some that run from CD and some that run from HD.

Being the machines are used, we've got a bunch of hard drives that were already pulled. It would be really nice to know what software is installed on each hard drive without having to reboot and continually swap keys until it works.

Also, I'm told the Ruby keys will work Ruby2 software, Jade2 will work with software, etc...

just grab a doonor machine
and start swapping in the hard drives
with any key in
it WILL ERROR out on the key chk...but at the same time tell u what key # it is looking for,error will be wrong key inserted
and then it should say the key # it expects..cross ref the # to your key page info
some times it is just not worth it
u simply take the o/s  it will tell u the key # to use with it then match a key to it
reload,carry on



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