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Hi there,
I got hold of a full work machine for 40 about 2 months ago, all was working great until I got this screen one day when I turned it on

I read on here that its the COMS battery, but could I find it, not for love or money.
I saw that I could bypass this screen with a keyboard so a few weeks later I turned it on and the screen was blank, so I checked all the connections, and when turning it off the screen flashes like it did when full working.

I do have a video of the machine but don't know how to upload here.

hi unplug machine
remove the header board >1 with the button key on it<
under that board u will find the cmos battery
replace it
replace i/o header board
plug in keyboard
plug in machine
turn machine on
hit esc or f1? or del. to get to putter board cmos setup
set time and date
then exit cmos,let game boot all the way up
un-plug key board
enjoy playing


thanks for the quick reply ed, I did take the top board off and look for the battery but could not see it, ill post a pic of it very soon.

it should be a button battery



I dont see the battery anywhere.


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