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Hi All,

firstly, this is my first ever post on Arcade Controls, so please be gentle!!

I recently purchased in the UK, 2 x Megatouch Force 2003.  Both have issues with the motherboard, that I intend to address when time allows.

In the meantime, I am converting one of the machines to a multi-game PC based device (I am using Gamex, with a number of emulated pub quiz machines.

I just have a couple of questions.

1).  The touch screen.  I have finally found the power cable to this (it is the black FORCE controller box), and connected this to the Floppy drive power connector on my PC power supply, should this be OK to power it?

2).  The speakers... I can't seem to find a 3.5 jack off of these on the wire loom, do they connect direct to a mother board?

Many many thanks in advance to those who help and comment.. I have a number of projects on the go, and hope to become a useful contributor to the forum.


WELCOME... :cheers:

Answer to Question #1...YES... the floppy connector powers the touchscreen/controller

Answer to Question #2... If this game is a RADION (CRT Monitor ) then the 3.5mm audio cable goes from the green motherboard sound port to a small amplifier board that is mounted in the cashbox tray area...If an EVO or ELITE EDGE (LCD monitor) then the same audio cable goes from the green motherboard port to the upside down mounted I/O board....

Hi Smartbomb,

many thanks for the warm welcome, and for not passing my newbie question by.

Yes, this is a CRT cab (the one where you have to undo the wing nuts to take the front bezel off).

That is great, I have downloaded what appear to be the drivers for the screen controller.  Now I know I am giving it power, I will try and install these tonight and report back.

Ahhh re the sound, yes, I have completely removed the motherboard, as sticking the PC in there.. couldn't seem to find the  AMP, I presume it has a 3.5M Jack for input?  I will have a look tonight again (I did try to trace the speak wires back).

Cheers again and I will report back in the morning!

Is this game an Upright or a Countertop?

 The amp is likely on the I/O board unless it is a RADION...

Hello again!

thank you SmartBomb for the power to screen controller help.  I now have the PC in the cab, the power going to the controller, the drivers installed and my games running!! (see attached pic).

As you can see, the cab is a full standing unit, not a counter-top.

I managed to trace the cables from the speakers, and they seem to terminate in plug, rather than a 3.5M jack......(again see attached).

I really want to get this cab in a useful place as a multi touch screen machine... Items left on my list are:

1).  Get hold of a back light tube (the F6T5CW seems near impossible to source in the UK!).
2).  Get the speakers up and running.
3).  Jumper my Dell motherboard so that when I flick the powerswitch to the cab, it starts the PC up inside also (mmm will do a lil search on the place on the motherboard needed to find).

So close but sooo far!



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