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Had a few people contact me.  For those looking for graphics please e-mail me.  I have 3 sites I'm running around on so e-mail is easier for me and faster for you.  Hopefully we can get this thread updated with some pictures of peoples cabinets.  Thanks.


--- Quote from: Lucian045 on October 02, 2013, 08:09:23 am ---Hey all.  I have a sticky on the Hyperspin forums.  I am doing printing of graphics for arcade and pinball machines at a reasonable price.  My thread is located here for arcade graphics here for Pinball

I have done many peoples cabinets and offer some low prices for the community.  My information is located in the threads along with references from other people about the material I use and the quality.  Send me an e-mail if you are interested and I will give you a quote. 

Here are two links to my personal machines I built:][/url]

Thanks everyone and hopefully I can help anyone out with some graphics.

Brad (Lucian045)

--- End quote ---

Brad was an absolute pleasure to deal with and had a super quick turnaround. I was extremely happy with the work he had done for my CP, Marquee and side art.
Highly recommended.
John (BamBam1963)

Doing a bump to let people know about my services.  Thanks to everyone who has ordered from me and the recommendations from some of you on this site.  Happy New Year everyone!

Oh man, where do I begin?

If you need any side art printed, don't hesitate to contact Lucian045 (Brad). His stuff is QUALITY!!!

I did an initial inquiry, and he got back to me within a day. We went to email by his request for the rest of the transaction, which worked well. I sent him some ideas, he sent me a proof. I changed some stuff up, and he was great about sending me a revised quote.

Now, I have access to a friend who can pretty much do the same thing for free, but I went with Lucian045 because of his rep on Hyperspin and because I really wanted my art to pop (my buddy's vinyl is more for general stickers, whereas Brad's is more durable, commercial vinyl.

He sent me a very reasonable quote for 4 pieces of art for my Macross project (with shipping included). Two regular 18x24 side art pieces, plus 2 "lower" side art pieces that were going to be a little more of a challenge because they needed to be specially die cut. I explained what I wanted, he told me no problem, and I pulled the trigger this Monday morning, paying via Paypal. He gave me updates on the process, and by Wednesday, I had a tracking number, and by today (Friday) I had art in hand. I was extremely impressed with the speed.

The art came in a rolled tube, sides taped and packaged securely. He threw in a felt-edged application squeegee, which was a godsend. I was immediately impressed by the quality of the vinyl. It felt thick, not cheap, not flimsy. The die cut pieces came with premask that I needed to put on, and the side art wasn't masked. I used painters tape to hang the side art where I wanted it, then peeled back a little from the top, slowly working my way down using the squeegee. The felt did a good job of securing the vinyl. The quality of the vinyl allowed me to press out any air bubble immediately. I went slowly, and the whole piece went on with NO ISSUE, NO BUBBLES, NO LIFTING. The same thing happened with the other side. Beautiful, man.

The same thing with the die cut bottoms. I applied the mask to one side, hung it where I wanted, then pressed it on to the cab with no issues. It looks awesome. See my Macross thread for more photos.,137636.0.html

Thanks, Brad! You're the best!

Brad comes through again!  This stuff is TOP NOTCH.  Great quality, super easy to work with and durable as all get out.  Not to mention Brad is a true arcade/pinball fanatic - and a stand up guy!

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