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All I can say is: Wow.

I've dealt with a lot of printing companies in my time and Brad's service and experience trumps them all. Seriously, a guy with this many years experience in the industry, AND an arcade builder himself, that's a win.

He was always there to answer my questions, and address my concerns. He Knows his stuff and has a great customer service ethic. Most importantly: I'm picky as hell, and he patiently put up with that. I will continue to do any and all work I need printed through Brad.

Here is yet another example of Brad's AMAZING work.
I hired a Transformers Comic Book artist to design my art work and Brad to print it for me. It has been on my VPin for over a year now and still looks like the day I put it on!

Hey everyone.  Thread has not been updated in a while.  Still printing and taking orders.  Thanks to everyone who has ordered from me.  Let me know if you need something and if you have ordered from me, please post some pics in the thread.

Almost done my build, Thought i'd give the thread a little bump with a new picture of the artwork in place.   The polycarb laminate on the control panel is holding up like a boss! Also looks wickedly authentic. So very happy I used Brad for the art!

Awesome Job Chance...great build.  Thanks for sharing.


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