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Megatouch ION R.I.P.

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Just got an email from MERIT...

ION 2014 is the LAST ION Software Version.... We all saw that coming didn't we...RIP.

If you want MEGANET next year it"s Megatouch JIVE (ML-1) or nothing...RIP...

Im working on it.... >:D

them referring to the 2013 software as "Legacy software" was a definite nail in the old coffin.

maybe we should make our own 2015 software....with blackjack...and hookers.


Ken Layton:
I've heard that with all the brand new software starting now, that Merit/AMI will be required to have their hands in your cashbox every collection date. I know several operators who don't like that and will refuse to get any new Merit/AMI equipment.

Maybe it's time for 3rd party software writers to start making software for these machines?

yes ken it is a fact..u do not get the complete game from them any more
but rather u tie into the server where it is bound.
plus alot of operators do like the juke box linking,this will allow touch tunes
into the cash box 1 time i thought ditch the touch tunes and swing to ami
but tossed that idea,when i found there tech support hours were cut back

as for trashing the games ? i reuse them as touch screen juke boxes
there perfect fit,the olny down side is u have to tie into a house system for sound
but i have yet to get a complaint



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