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Virtua Racing Twin restoration

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I'm nearly finished with my VR Twin, the big thing left is locating a couple of parts (most notably, a rear seat marquee) and getting one of my monitors working...


nice work on the twin racer !!!....

what are you going to put there ??... (sorry... didn't read all the words... lazy...) :P :P

head to head console driving ??

Thanks! It works as VR like it did originally.  I have considered adding Daytona USA or Indy 500 to the same cab, but for now I can't justify the added cost.  Not to mention I still need to finish the sucker.


DAMN,nice cabinet.Looks great,sideart looks perfect.
I SOO want a racer but no space :(
Anyway how much did you pay for the cab ?

Whats the plan ?
Consoles racers ???


   Thanks! I appreciate it.  The sideart is in pretty good shape, but the pictures hide a lot of the imperfections.  The sideart is mostly complete though.  Heh, my plan is to leave it as a Virtua racing, no conversion to console or anything.  I'd rather not say how much I paid for it, let's just say that I probably paid too much considering the condition it was in.



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