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Sega Monaco GP 1979/1980 - My Remake

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Hi GPForverer2024!

Just a quick update, I've done quite a few code changes:
    Added dashboard indicator artworks for when driving on night roads, driving on ice roads, and when the car is damaged.
    Added a speedo gauge artwork.
    Added InsertCoin artwork (That flashes when you see 'Deposit Coin' displayed on the playfield).
    Ability to set 2 bezels artworks: A Primary Bezel (Showing, say, shows the bezel fully backlit), and a secondary bezel (Showing, say, the bezel with its backlight off).
    A new 'bezel mode' option that configures how the game should switch between bezels (Either, Fixed on Primary bezel (default), Switch to Primary bezel when inplay, Switch to Primary bezel when inplay with initial flicker etc...).
    All of the above is fully importable/exportable.
    I've fixed the police chase artwork lights so they work on import mode.
    I've fixed a bug with the Pro score LEDs not working when running the Stunt and Pursuit Modes.
    I've fixed the revcounter so that you don't have to have it enabled on the export mode to be able to see it on the import mode (Just a minor thing).

As you are aware, at the moment there is just a very simple scoreboard import configuration with the package.
I'm hoping that soon (Say in about a week), I will have finished some new scoreboard higher-res artworks that demonstrate this stuff working and add those as part of the package too :)


 Thank you for the debrief which looks so good!!

Of course really looking forward to testing this update

Congratulations and thank you  :)


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