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Sega Monaco GP 1979/1980 - My Remake

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Background + LED stuff is getting there. I've added a menu (you can see it in the second pic, its a bit rough around the edges at the moment) that lets you move stretch/shrink the position of all the bitmaps around while the game is running. You'll be able to display whatever you want as a background, you'll also be able you change the bitmaps I created for each LED digit if you don't like the ones I made.

That is cool!

Any plans to support analog 270 PC wheels?


--- Quote from: BadMouth on October 10, 2013, 09:14:46 am ---Any plans to support analog 270 PC wheels?

--- End quote ---

Yes I'd like to add something for that. I don't have a 270 degree wheel though so it might not be right the first time. I guess if I added support for an analogue joystick (and also an option to alter its sensitivity) then you'd be able to get it working with a 270 degree wheel?

It would work, yes: a 270 wheel sends it's input via a single turn, linear potentiometer like a joypad axis  ;)

Looking sweet Geecab.  Keep up the good work.  I look forward to the next release. :applaud:


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