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want can i do wht a half empty megatouch cabinet?

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So I have a cabinet and the monitor.  I was wondering if I could put a regular pc in it and get the touch screen to work?

absolutely. they would make a great juke interface. or even work pretty good with some point and click flash games like candy crush etc.

the monitor should take 640x480 no problem...depending on which monitor it is you may even be able to do 800x600 with cautioned though, some of the older monitors can get damaged trying to run higher than 640x480 resolution.

the drivers are available from 3M's website

make sure whatever board you use has a serial port on it...i've never had great luck running serial touchscreens through a serial to usb adapter. Sometimes they work and sometimes they didn't.  :dunno could have been the cheap chinese usb adapters i had too though.

Ok, so I will need to get a new touch screen controller  and the vga plug has been cut off so I will need to figure that out.  I do have and am sure I will have more questions so I will post them here since you guys always have all the answers.  Do I need a special video card for this monitor, and what did the cable from the chassis to the vga port look like?

thanks for any help guys.

what is/was the machine?

they changed things quite a bit...

the monitor should have a "merit type ##" label on it someplace.

 if you need a controller (IE you have just the 10 pin right angle connector hanging out of the side of the monitor, wit a green ground wire and a orange/gray power wires, then yes you will need a controller. it's most likely a "white" box.

if you have a box, but it's not responding, check your power connection. it should plug directly to into the small molex plug on a standard ATX power supply what would normally used for a floppy disk drive.

I checked and there is no merit type number on the monitor.  It looks like there was a sticker on the side of the frame but is not there any more.  The cabinet its self is void of any indication as well.  what i do know is that its a kortek chassis and a orion tube.  The plug for the video has 6 wires labled R G B E H V. 

As for the controller all i have its a small white box with 12 pin holes and the green wire and the orange/gray wire, they are all cut off as well.


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