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CNC cut Pinball, Arcade Cabinets, plus anything else you need. Detroit, MI USA

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Used that one often, main reason was it used to be dirt cheap at Walmart . Didn't auto power on was a downside.

Thanks Lee.


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No prob!


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No prob!
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Get a room, you two. (Teacher's Pet.)


Say hello to the iFlipper

Specially designed to take your fruit branded tablet and make those pinball simulators feel real.
We tried it out with buttons and decided against installing them on the default model. We found that game play and the natural position of your hands just works perfectly with the tablet. We can, as highlighted below, add a Bluetooth encoder and buttons if you so choose.

The iFlipper is custom designed by XtremePinball to be as close as possible to the proportions of a real pinball cabinet. The iFlipper is CNC cut and assembled right here at XtremePinball in the USA.

Other models designed around other tablets are available by special order.

Base unit comes pre-assembled and finished with custom artwork of your choice, ready for you to drop your fruity tablet in place and start playing.

 Custom options are available on request at additional cost such as:
 Custom speaker/DMD panels
 Custom decal installation
 Speaker installation
 Bluetooth keyboard encoder and buttons

 Currently all iFlippers are being made to order. Please allow 1-2 weeks lead time.

Picture shown is of the prototype. Drop us a line to discuss customization options.

Order online here:


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