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CNC cut Pinball, Arcade Cabinets, plus anything else you need. Detroit, MI USA

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Just realized I had not put anything out on ArcadeControls around the cabinet work we have been doing for others.

some of my builds have been on here and other forums, Big Bang Bar was even part of the 2011 BYOC selection.

We offer traditional pin and pinball 2000 style cabinet kits for use as replacement pin cabinets or Virtual Pins.

We also do a lot of other cool stuff for pinball and arcades and pretty much any other CNC work.

please visit the site, its constantly having items added to it.

latest thing we are working on is a min pin, here's some POC pictures. designed for a 32" screen and 24" backglass but we can customize to your needs.

recent Golden Tee ped added to the offering.

top notch as always Greg!!!


--- Quote from: ebarlow99 on August 26, 2013, 04:18:43 pm ---top notch as always Greg!!!

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Thanks, almost done with the Cabaret , DK and midway cocktail plans now.

Nice looking work, sir. Are you guys located in the U.S.? (I checked the website, but my old eyes couldn't find that info.)

Odd, thought it was on the website, yup just outside Detroit MI.


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