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Lord Hiryu:
Hi dudes.
Let me introduce.
My name is Gustavo, a.k.a Lord Hiryu. I'm illustrator and I doing artwork for arcade cabs.
Maybe someone may knows me, others maybe not.

Here's a few examples of artworks that usually do for people.

Sketsh study for a Gemini Wing based cab.

More sketches from a few elements.

Vectorized characters.

Matching colours from enemies of the game for the final illustration.'s the final result.

Here a zoom shot of a little bit area:

Example of Joe and Mac based cab.
The same process: Pencil Sketch...vectorized lines...(illustrator or Freehand), and then Photoshop:

And here's a zoomed part:

Sorry for the watermarks, but I have to prevent my work for be stolen.

Also...a few sketches for my Ghouls and Ghost dessigns...and a bit more:

Sample at 100% size

some sketches:

For prices and contact:

Also, you can visit my site:


 :applaud: :applaud:

Welcome Lord Hiryu,
             been a fan of your work for some time now.  :notworthy:
       Ghouls and Ghost art looks amazing!!        Glad you made it on this site.


:applaud: Your artwork is really nice!  Good process too.

But your thread title seems familiar...  >:D

Nice to see another artist doing arcade art from scratch! See ya around :cheers:

Lord Hiryu:
Thanks for the comments guys.

--- Quote ---But your thread title seems familiar...  >:D
--- End quote ---

Jajajajajaj...yes opt2not....I put the same title as your thread.....:P, I'm the f*cking worse.... sorry dude, :P

nice  :cheers:

that firebrand is baws lol


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