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Mark Norville:
Sad to see that this topic has pretty much died, I use etouch jukebox and have created a couple of skins for it.

At the moment my jukebox and skins are a bit of a dead project at the moment, as I have had to borrow hard drives from one computer to put in another computer, and money and time are a sparse commodity at the moment, also I hate MP3 tagging and I started a major project of going through the 80's and 90's and trying to get every chart entry for those decades. I spent about six months doing about four years of the UK charts from 1990 - 1994 and then I needed a break and I have not touched a MP3 since and actually deleted thousands of albums that I wanted to sort out into chart entries.

Please note that I am not a skinner, I am not a graphic artist. The videos here are not complete and show skins that were work in progress, so the graphics were rough and out of place.

(4:3 or maybe 5:4 skin on my quiz machine cabinet)

This was for my 32 inch touch screen cabinet

As for 2019 that software list has slowly dwindled and a lot of 404 errors and dead web addresses

I have purchased most pc jukebox software and tried demo's of other software.

Here is my experience of 2019 software still available and how I found them

Etouch is the closest that you can come to a proper jukebox experience. At first I hated it, I tried the demo, never got anywhere with it, a few years later, I eventually decided to purchase it, and have never looked back. It was a hard learning curve but well worth it. The skinning tool once you get used to it, is brilliant and gives you an unlimited amount of ways to create your own jukebox.

Zenpoint  is not really a jukebox software, not in the proper sense of the word. However it is easy to set up, it pretty much works out of the box. It has a lot of options such as radio, karaoke that you can customise via the menu systems. It is not skinnable it is more of a change the button colour, change the background colour and that is job done.

Videobox/pub jukebox a good looking piece of software but lacking in a lot of features, it is also not skinnable, just another case of changing the colours on the graphics. The most expensive of all the software that I have tried and the biggest rip off going to be honest. You get six months free updates and bug fixes, and then after those six months, they want you to keep paying more money for new bug fixes or upgrades. However, if you are happy with the initial product, you do not really have to upgrade again. Oh and another con about this software, is if you lose your license key for it, e.g you have a computer crash, they will charge you to get your license key emailed to you.

TouchJams I have tried a demo for this, again this is not skinnable, just a case of changing the colour and that is it. It is not bad but lacks a lot of features that etouch has. A nice feature of this is the music chart, but that is based on what their customers are playing and not the official charts, which is disappointing.

Sadly spotify and others have changed the way that people are listening to music and sadly PC jukeboxes are an unwanted item now.

Still if any one is looking at a PC jukebox, hopefully this helps a little bit.

I'm really surprised this list is missing Retro Jukebox. Its been around for 5 or 6 years now. Maybe since the site is in French, no one here knows about it. For my purposes - a non touch screen arcade cabinet, this was the easiest software I could find to set up. Probably because it was created just for this purpose. If you are looking for a touch screen solution, maybe its not the best. But if you have a joystick controlled jukebox, I can't recommend any other jukebox software. Don't be scared away because the site is in French. The software is all in English.  To read the page, open it in Chrome and use the Translate this page feature.

Because it is stuck in - I believe 4:3 aspect ratio, I created a bezel for it for use with RocketLauncher. I created this video just to give an idea how it looks.


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