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Kevin Mullins:

--- Quote from: potts43 on November 02, 2015, 05:22:04 am ---Digital music centre from zenpoint does this

--- End quote ---

Could you elaborate a little more on that?

I see features listed on the website like "IPad,IPhone and Ipod controller" or "Blackberry and Android controller", but this all seems to relate to Remote Controlling the jukebox software, which is not what I'm really wanting.

I have not tried it yet, but I've read through the manual and it's not helpful in my "streaming" question.

The program is good but the documentation is poor. Not sure I know what you are wanting. Tried lots of progs last month and it was a case of compromise and personal choice. For the money it was the best

Kevin Mullins:
Think about something like one of those bluetooth speakers, various people (guests) could pair their phones to it and then just start streaming music to it. They're used to doing this all the time, some friend comes over and says "hey, check this song out" and just sends it to the speaker.
But now he's wanting to build a fullsize jukebox type setup to consolidate all his music and whatnot to make it easily accessible for all, just like any other typical jukebox setup most of us build, but he was curious if a function like the bluetooth streaming could be added to it. (instead of using the separate speaker thingy)
It don't think it's too terribly hard to accomplish streaming to a pc via bluetooth (ie. the jukebox computer) in a similar manner.
The problem I foresee is trying to do this in conjunction with some kind regular jukebox software running at the same time. As of right now I basically see two programs trying to run at the same time. We wouldn't want to have someone streaming a song from their phone AND have someone pick a song from the jukebox and suddenly the two are trying to play simultaneously. 
So the jukebox software would need to recognize the phone streaming as part of the playlist per say, or add that song to the playlist so that one ended before the other began and vice versa.

If that makes any more sense. 

is there any other software like dwjukebox/aka wincab

that lets you use actuall buttons not touch screen are having to use mouse ect....

i loe dwjukebox but having problems adding songs to it

I lost my music library yrs ago when my hard drive that held all my music cropped the bed.  I've been using Spotify for all my music and it has a great list of music.  I was wondering if there was a way to integrate it into a jukebox program.

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