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Jukebox software list - Updated April 14 2007

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pretty much tried them all , touchjams to me is still the best and some nice updates been added

i love being able too look at top 100 hits that are played with touchjams software not top hits current , they show for australia , europe and america but the cool thing is it shows a green light next too the title if you have it in your library and a red one if you dont , really good for two reasons , you can play a song from that screen with a green light and if it has a red light it shows you music you might want

thumbs up for this program a lot of work has gone into it

Barry Barcrest:
Found these...

They Look primitive but might be of interest to some of you. I have been looking around to see if there are any new products out there but not really found anything.

So much software, so little time.  I have two jukeboxes in storage and have been wanting to convert them to touchscreen since about 2005, but been so busy with arcades.  Back in 2005-2006 or so, there were only 2 or 3 options as of software on the forums and I'm happy to see there are dozens now.  Cool stuff.

Kevin Mullins:
I've been out of the jukebox software loop for quite some time now so forgive me if similar has been discussed.

I had a friend asking about building a jukebox for entertaining at his problem...but he posed the question if it would be possible for guests to bluetooth into it with their phones and such.
For instance the jukebox would be running, selections made as usual via touchscreen and whatnot, but say someone had a particular song they wanted to share from their phone....would it be possible to incorporate syncing with outside sources like that?

Streaming the music to the pc is not so much the question, but more about having the jukebox software recognize and be interrupted while someone is streaming a song to the pc and then revert back to jukebox mode. (or something along those lines)

Of all the jukebox software discussions from before I simply don't recall any scenario like this, any insight would be appreciated.
I'm only posting this here because I see that there hasn't been very much activity on this list for some time now.

Digital music centre from zenpoint does this


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