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Hello all,

Ive just joined this forum so please excuse me if im in the wrong bit..I have a Megatouch Force 2006.5 upright cabinet in my home and as my Daughter went to switch it on this morning it displays the message "Auto Test" and thats all it does!!
None of the fans are running and it just stays on the auto test screen..
Anyone got any ideas where I can start looking please??

Very many thanks....Tim

Sounds like your power supply for the Motherboard has gone bad.

If not the power supply then the Motherboard itself is bad but a bad power supply is more likely.

The 'Auto Test' you are seeing is the monitor displaying its own internal video signal because it does not have one from the Motherboard to display.

Does your power supply look like this?

this is the monitor test screen. shows your monitor is good.

your bios battery on the motherboard may have died on you. the default setting of the bios is to have the computer stay off if the AC power  has been lost... the megatouch software requires the setting to be ON so when you power up the cabinet, the computer comes on too.

see if you can locate the power switch header on the motherboard and see if you can jump it to power it on.

alternatively you can try finding the green wire coming out of the power supply and down to the motherboard connector... place a wire into that cavity and touch the other end to ground and see if it powers up.

in either case if it powers up, replace the battery, then, if you hook a keyboard up to the computer and change the "on AC power loss" setting to ON, you should be back in business. (don't forget to save the changes)

Never had a FORCE ECS motherboard not power-up due to a dead battery...

Are you sure you aren't having a MAXX Unicorn Flashback or thinking FORCE ECS ION which does NOT power-up with a dead battery?

Hi all. Thanks for the replies. I thought I found the cmos battery but I think that turned out to be the dallas key dongle thingy. The picture of the power supply in the first post is the one I have. Is it worth changing that first and if so where can I get one in the uk? Many thanks. .tim


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