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Have a maxx sapphire 2. Every time I turn it on it asks for f2 so I have to open it and plug in a keyboard. Believe it says its a date and time issue. Would this be the battery on the mobo?  Also what are my options on upgrading?  Had it for a couple years w no issues other than super loud fans. Just wanting to get all I can out of it or to sell it and move to ion.

yes, the bios battery on the main motherboard needs to be replaced, then just enter the BIOS and load the default settings, that should get things up and going again. (and not ask you to press a key)

i belive CROWN was the last version that will work on the maxx hardware. you will need to upgrade the ram too. (requires >64mb)

That fixed it!  Thanks Shawn!!!  Also replaced the fans while I was in there. Thing is still super loud. Is that the hd?  Normal?  Gotta say the old fans were nasty w old smoke grease. At least it might smell better. Btw the pub time dart board rocks!!! 

Yeah, the hard drives get pretty noisy (metalicy whine) they will keep on going though.


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