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Megatouch Platinum XL Hard Drive died



Just got this megatouch 2 days ago and the hard drive died already lol just my luck

hard drive just clicks.....I'm so lost on megatouch items since its my first and only have had it 2 days. How does one find the software to re-install on another IDE hard drive? Do you download an iso or image or CD/DVD? any guidance or help would be really appreciated as I fell in love with it and it already killed over.

Talk to the Dave...

It may not be the cheapest route but it will definitely be the most painless....

Buy a new one...install works...'Nuff Said.

could I do the XL double Platinum with my unit?

or even the XL Titanium?

I'm assuming the Titanium has more games....but don't know if it would work with my security key on the daughter board? Heck....would the first one work with the key?

Yes, DOUBLE PLATINUM should work with your key since your PLATINUM game is already Hard Drive based but ask the Dave before you buy it because it's been a whille since we had them around.

Are you SURE your game has a hard drive and is not CD ROM driven?

TITANIUM won't work, you need a TITANIUM key.

Also, TITANIUM 2 is the last software version for the XL platform.


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