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Hi Folks :)

I've recently upgraded my 4 player setup to 8 players and had quite a nice time running daytona with 8 players (though I messed the live screen :)).

As some of you know, the m2 emulator has actually two modes of network emulation, both with some drawbacks.

* "unsynched"the default mode is not synched at all. while this works pretty well, it causes flickering cars in daytona, "random" time in sega rally and network errors in pretty much every other game.

* "framesynchedthe alternate mode is synched per frame ("framesync 1" in m2network.ini), this works more stable, but sometimes the game stops for a second or two. as a fun fact, it also hiccups on "solo" mode (linked to itself).

So I've started tinkering with the network. I wrote a small tool to "view" the packets and tinker with em.
As it turns out, the whole buffer (8 sets of data) is sent each frame by each unit.
For playing online, this can be optimized a lot by only sending out 1 set of data

Sadly even a 1 player "framesync" setups keeps pausing now and then so my initial focus was to find out why the cars flicker in daytona, and how to get it fixed.
On the other hand, I like to fool around with stuff .)

Well... Long story, short conclusion:
I am able to "fake" an 8 player setup for the client - which is pretty nice as you can literally join the action anytime you want. (and quit if you are in attract mode)
I build some kind of "client server" system for "remote" play. Long term goal would be to link up players around the globe.

As a side effect I discovered sega rally can be played with more than 4 players - though thats more of a glitch .)
For a fact, Car 1 means MASTER, Car 2 to Car 4 mean slave. Each Car Number can be used multiple times.
First glitch - The attract mode shows some bogus sprites for 1 and 5-8 player mode.
Seconds glitch - All Cars with the same number share the same starting point - which will cause a "crash" at start and resulting in everybody getting pushed appart.
Third glitch - Timer goes apeshit right away :)

Other than those, the game itself works fine, you can drive normaly and even see all players on the map.

thanks for working on m2emu network. I trust that you can fix it and play with players around the world to daytona usa and not see the cars flashing more.

thank you very much SailorSat  :notworthy: :notworthy:

sweet. keep up the good work


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We can do some online testing tool in beta version?

I'm in for some testing.

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