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Megatouch Force 2010 "No Security Key Found" at boot all of the sudden


I have a Megatouch Force 2007 CRT cabinet that i upgraded to 2010 last year.  I've had no problems with it until now.  It had been on for a very long stint (3-4 weeks), I powered it down and haven't powered it up in about 3 weeks. 

I went to turn it on yesterday and right after the POST and linux boot screens, I got to the Megatouch logo, then heard an audible "CLICK" and got a message "Security key not found" and a message stating something like 1 of 5 tries used.    So I powered it down, checked that the key hadn't become unseated somehow, and booted again, but got the same audible click from within the cabinet and got the same message. 

However, it now says 2 of 5 tries used.

I'm afraid it will irreversibly lock or something after 5 failures.  Any ideas what this is / how to solve?

Thanks in advance.

on these unit's when that happen's
we do a few thing's
first remove the key and clean it
then bend the upper pin of the seating socket in a tad,so as to fource a better connection,also remove and clean the stick of ram and clean it's contact's
reason for this is called dirt
now we do have a maga touch fourm here
which a op here has up-loaded alot of the trouble shooting q's and answer's


yes, usually it's just dirt in the security key. some isopropyl alcohol on a paper towel will clean it right up.

sometimes wires or other items in the cabinet can push the handle of the key down a tad and cause the connection to go finicky. make sure everything is out of the way. is some cabinets (IE: the evil EVO) I actually snap the metal button out of the handle to eliminate this issue.

if it's still not picking up the key, check the I/O board, it should have a whole mess of lit up LED's on it. make sure you have 4 on. if you have 3 or less on, it won't work. while you are ther make sure everything is plugged in. better yet, unplug and plug everything back in again (USB, connections, power, etc.)

also check your computer motherboard BIOS battery. you said it's been primarily off. if the battery goes dead sometimes the BIOS loses or corrupts some of the settings. put a new battery in there (CR2032), hook up a keyboard and boot it up and press the DEL key to enter the BIOS settings. do the "reset to failsafe" settings, then the reset to "performance" settings. that should reset everything back to normal.

it's possible the software has become corrupted. you might need to re-install the 2010 software from the CD's. but before you do that, if it still doesn't work, c'mon back and let us know.


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