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The thing about custom artwork (FAQ & rant)

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--- Quote from: 1-UP on March 13, 2019, 12:12:25 pm ---From the perspective of a customer, I'd want to see previous work with at least a guide price along side it before I even contacted a designer / artist. If its annoying you so much, why not filter off these people before they even contact you? Not being transparent with pricing from the start can make people feel like they're being lured in, then get defensive when a price seems high to them (when it probably isn't). It's all phycological, similar to photographers who charge peanuts, then want a kidney for a few digital images once they've got you on the hook. I know this is not the same but I do think customers need a rough idea.

Personally, I'm one of those have-a-go 'Adobe' heros because I'm just too perticular about what I want. I've seen a lot of these 'art-kits' online and I'm yet to see one that looks worth paying the money for. If someone created an arcade realistic FIFJ art set I'd gladly pay for it because whats out there is just awful. Thats what puts me off using an artist. Once you've paid, if the work is poor, you're stuck. It's the consumers opinion agaist the artists and you're paying for THEIR work not a customers interpretation of what it should be like. I pitty anyone in this line of work, it must be hard. If I was doing it, I'd just product 'off-the-shelf' designs that anyone could buy. No one gets upset that way.

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I am transparent with pricing.
The first thing I do before even discussing any kind of design is supply what I call the PPP.  Prices, Process (outline), and Policy (things like payment, iteration passes, final delivery) that is used as a filter. Once people read through the PPP, it's up to them if they want to continue talks.
I just don't broadcast this to the public as it can change day-to-day depending on how my schedule is, or how much I want to take on extra work. I don't have a set-in-stone price that I keep year after year, sorry, but my time is my own and I'm not a business, so prices fluctuate based on life factors.  Also, the prices I give out are a baseline starting point, which is also outlined in my policy. Sometimes a customer wants more than the average art workload, so I gauge what they want based on what they describe, after they've read my PPP, and I scale the price based on how long and how much work it would take to create.

As for examples, my blog is in my sig. It's the same link I send to people that approach me.  It has examples of my work as well as hobby stuff.
But most of my customers are active members here, who know my reputation and my skill level from this forum. I don't get many people just randomly finding my blog and approaching me.

As for being stuck with poor work...this is why I always charge half of the total cost up-front, and the rest on final delivery. That way both parties don't get completely screwed if someone gets cold feet. It's a "cut-your-loses" insurance policy that mainly allows people to bail without completely screwing me over for the work I've already put in.

Thanks for your pity, though it's not needed.  I don't do this as a primary source of income. It's mainly a favour to the community here, that I've weened off doing the last couple years. Now-a-days I normally only do commissions for established members, and friends of the community. I'm also very choosy on what I want to work on. Unfortunately I've had to turned people away in the past based on their theme choices. If it's something I'm not interested in creating, I don't take it. My best work is done on themes and subject matter that excites/interests me. If I'm doing something I don't like, I don't produce the best results.

The off-the-shelf design idea has been something I've considered doing, but ultimately decided against it. It indeed cuts down a bit of the time needed to produce the artwork, using what could be considered "template designs" as a shortcut, but what happens is you lose that uniqueness geared specifically for your project. I don't like the idea of all my artwork going out looking the same, and people pay for a fully custom design, unshared by anyone else.

Thanks for your comments.

Sorry. I now realize that pitty was the wrong word to use. I didn't mean it disrespectfully. Thanks for the other info on your PPP, I stand corrected on that too. I did assume the custom artwork was your business income that's the only reason I suggested off the shelf downloads. Off for a slice of humble pie. How can I get to your blog to see your work ?


--- Quote from: 1-UP on March 19, 2019, 10:25:20 pm ---How can I get to your blog to see your work ?

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Thereís a link in my signature at the bottom of  my posts, but here it is just in case:

Keep in mind, itís kinda random. It has artwork Iíve done, arcade/gaming hardware Iíve modded or am into, game hacks, etc...basically a plethora of nerdy ---steaming pile of meadow muffin---. The older posts have more samples of my artwork.

hi there, im looking for some artwork to possibly be done please. Im building a 3 joystick arcade and would like to get someone who knows photoshop better than myself to design it for me.

would be grateful for a quote if possible.

control panel is going to be 800mm wide by 350mm deep

ive added a pic of my layout



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 :laugh2: :laugh2: :laugh2: :laugh2: :laugh2: :laugh2:

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I know this is old, but this is awesome.

And I feel for the guys who are electricians (as I'm sure DaOldMan would also commiserate...)

I may need to ask someone to make me some custom sized multi-Williams bezel art here shortly.
I contacted someone who appeared to have what I wanted about buying a copy of theirs and never got a reply.


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