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The thing about custom artwork (FAQ & rant)

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Another classic story:

I had a member, who shall not be named at this time (you know who you are), contact me asking if I could get a copy of some control panel artwork I created for another member's project.  The commission was for a full art-set, costed a lot of money, and it took months to complete...many many hours were spent not only creating the artwork, but also translating the vision that the project creator wanted.

I explained to the guy that this artwork is owned by the project creator and that he should contact him about it. I created the art, but I do not own it. Every time I make art for someone, the first thing I make sure is that they understand I have no ownership/copyrights to what is delivered. It's their artwork to do with what they want.  Anyone who hired me for artwork can attest, once it leaves my hands, I have no ties to it other than being the artist who created it.

Additionally I offered my services to this cheapskate, and of course...*crickets*. I knew it would be. If a person is asking me to give him free artwork, there is pretty much a 100% they will never buy artwork.

Let me just say this:  If you PM me asking for art handouts, be prepared to receive some sass. I don't give a rats ass if I've had dealings with you before, if we've been cool on the forum, or if you're an established long-standing member of this site. You should know better, and you should know my stance on custom art.

I will never, ever, share the artwork that people paid me to create without their permission. Now, if the person who commissioned me contacts me and says it's ok and it doesn't generate any extra work for me, then that's fine.   But if you're asking me to underhandedly share that person's artwork with you, without them aware of it -- basically stealing, then you can go to hell.

/rant (for now)

whoever you are, I am still in business and can photoshop some premade picture togther for you :cheers: :applaud:

stock pictures are good too lol


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From the perspective of a customer, I'd want to see previous work with at least a guide price along side it before I even contacted a designer / artist. If its annoying you so much, why not filter off these people before they even contact you? Not being transparent with pricing from the start can make people feel like they're being lured in, then get defensive when a price seems high to them (when it probably isn't). It's all phycological, similar to photographers who charge peanuts, then want a kidney for a few digital images once they've got you on the hook. I know this is not the same but I do think customers need a rough idea.

Personally, I'm one of those have-a-go 'Adobe' heros because I'm just too perticular about what I want. I've seen a lot of these 'art-kits' online and I'm yet to see one that looks worth paying the money for. If someone created an arcade realistic FIFJ art set I'd gladly pay for it because whats out there is just awful. Thats what puts me off using an artist. Once you've paid, if the work is poor, you're stuck. It's the consumers opinion agaist the artists and you're paying for THEIR work not a customers interpretation of what it should be like. I pitty anyone in this line of work, it must be hard. If I was doing it, I'd just product 'off-the-shelf' designs that anyone could buy. No one gets upset that way.


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