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I Can't Login


Quacker Blaster:
I can't seem to login to the wiki. When i type in my username and password, i get the error message: You have not specified a valid user name.
I figured it was because I have a space in my forum username, so I tried Quacker_Blaster, QuackerBlaster and Quacker%20Blaster to no avail. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Quacker Blaster

Unfortunately, nobody can login at this time.

The wiki has been down for ~9 months since Saint and SirWoogie migrated the forums to SMF2.

Admins know about the situation and Saint should have time to get to it by July. (It's the busy time of the year for him right now.) Details in the Pinball entry thread

BTW, usernames with underscores will cause problems with wiki logins, but the space in your username will not.

While you're waiting for Saint to fix the logins, you may want to start a thread here to compile the info you want to add/update.


I put an underscore because I think (or at least assumed) at that time you couldn't have spaces. Seems more common that you can, now.

From what I've read, the wiki software changes underscores to spaces.

I think this problem has cropped up previously on the BYOAC wiki.

We'll see if it's a problem once we get the wiki working again.   :dunno



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