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Bartop Arcade Flatpacks Vertical or Horizontal US/MI/Oxford

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BARTOP ARCADE FLATPACKS 1 & 2 Player Vertical or Horizontal Screen
Sides made from 3/4 birch
All other pieces 1/2 birch
Location: Oxford, MI Can be picked up locally!

Create your own Bartop arcade with this nice flatpack (you build)...come with wood only!  These units are real nice and needs to be put together, sanded, primed and painted! You supply all other hardware, (buttons, joysticks, etc.)
For Vertical or Horizontal Screen placement...just need to know the time of order!!
All cabs are lasered for precise precision cuts! Can laser your name on cab!

Includes:T-molding slots, T-nuts and bolts for CP, step by step instructions!

Kit assembles in 10 minutes

All are made to order. Paypal and credit cards accepted

 Control panel can be custom to your liking. Any questions just ask!! 1 Player units.....I have 2 player just ask!

 Control panel cut to your liking!!!!

1 player Fits a 17" or 19" monitor either horizontal to vertical.....can be set either way!
2 player Fits a 19" widescreen monitor horizontal only

Dimensions are roughly

1 player 18.5" Width x 18" deep X 27 1/2" height
2 player 24" Width x 18" deep X 27 1/2" height

In the works....full size cabs, 2 player,pedestals and cocktail tables!!!!

1 player $175 shipped to US...will figure out shipping (NOT Included)
2 player $260 shipped to US...will figure out shipping (NOT Included)

I will sweeten the pot......every 5th person to order one will receive a FREE 1 player bartop flatpack shipping not included

This will be done on honor system! I am fair and honest!!!!

US or Canada only!

Uhmmmm. Looks killer. I'll PM you to discuss a full cab design. Since you're new, pictures may not be enough for a little while. You might want to post in some other places and talk about other things in the hobby.

I think I might bite...
PM sent for some more details.

amazing, just the design i was looking for! Wish i wasn't neck deep in bills right now, i would take the chance and buy one then vouch for you if all went well.

good luck with your sales.  :)


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