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lucisac's Model 2 setup guide

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ok, I must be doing something wrong. I am trying to get this to work over lan..

Ok got it going, one machine is really lagging.

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--- Quote from: twistedsymphony on May 30, 2013, 10:47:40 am ---Does anyone know if it's possible to get a Model 2 emulator setup to output to an actual Medium Res (24K) monitor? I have a Model 2 based Sega Twin unit with the original monitors, I'd like to continue using them without converting them to 15K or VGA monitors.

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soft15 or an arcade VGA card, set custom full screen resolution in Model 2

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Do either of those actually support 24K? Last time I looked into Arcade VGA it only did 15K...

EDIT: ok it appears that 24K has actually been added to ArcadeVGA, interesting, thanks!

Hi Guys, I'm having issues trying to get sega model 2 daytona over LAN working. Keeps saying network board not present.. any ideas? I've modified the m2network.ini to include the below on each machine. Where is the IP address that comes up in IPconfig. Is this right?


So machine 1 has in the NextIP the IP address of the other PC. I've tried using a standard LAN cable and also a cross over cable. What am i doing wrong?


can you ping each computer from the other? Did you turn off any firewalls that might be running?


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