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--- Quote from: isamu on April 04, 2013, 02:52:17 pm ---Wow lucisac.... haven't heard from him in a while. That was my dude. Had some great discussions with  him on the old nebula forum. He was EXTREMELY passionate about posting various things on the forum. It was getting so bad Wesker had to silence him at one point! :lol Those were the days.  :burgerking:

Lucisac if you're out there reading this come in and say whaddup dude.

--- End quote ---

whaddup dude.

Aww man your post made me smile so thanks for saying that.  I miss all you guys, playing on that shobby 256k connection, can't believe they called that broadband back then.  Do we still need byblo's tool to network over the internet, I lost it, but I think it's now in the latest version of the emu right?  After seeing multiple releases online on the PS3, championship, the texture pack...and WOW, the community has given Daytona the love it deserves.  It brings joy to me to see that Daytona USA is still popular to this day due to the impact it left on us back in the old days, those 3D graphics coupled with the high frame rate is something we still struggle to see today in some games.  I see you're still active Isamu so hope you see this, and glad my documentation has helped so many people, not sure if they still play the emu since the ps3 version released but I still believe that the emu edition is ultimate and most true to the original hardware and experience of gameplay.

PS: I've recovered my YT account so you can verify me viewing a recent comment on my latest video after a decade.

Keep spreading the LOVE for Daytona USA! <3

HOLY ---steaming pile of meadow muffin--- HE'S ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!  :woot :droid :cheers:

Good to hear from you buddy! Glad you're doing well. Yeah Daytona has come a long way thanks to the community.  There's still a small group of people that play the PS3 version online every now and then. Thunderwing has some friends that are still playing which I hope to jojn soon. I recently completed the endurance race in 1st place on 777 Speedway and Dinosaur Canyon via Model 2 emu. Now I'm balls deep into Scud Race trying to place 1st in the Advance stage. Fun times :)

Anyway stay in touch mate.  :cheers:

Will do! I'll monitor this thread so if you need anything drop a post.

Thanks for posting this tutorial. Much appreciated. I was able to link up Daytona USA.  :)


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